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Things you should know before coming.


Please read the rules before attending our haunt.  For your own safety, you must understand the type of environment our haunt offers before entering at your own risk!  We do not know the health conditions of any of our guests, so we require all guests to read and understand all warnings before you enter. 

Please read the following warnings very carefully before considering attending. We require all guests to follow all rules, reguations and understand you enter at your own risk. 

Please read all rules listed below. Our warnings are printed on warning signs at the haunt, and warnings here on our website.  You assume all risk to entering our haunt. 

Please DO NOT attend our haunt if you have ANY type of health concerns or issues. DO NOT attend our haunt if you are not physically fit, have pre-existing medical conditions, prone to seizures, have poor vision, and especially any type of heart or respiratory condition. Thank you for taking the time to review these rules below.


Last Stop Haunt Rules


Warning - You are entering at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember it is your resposibility to read and follow these rules. We are not responsible for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Personal Property, or Injuries That May Have Occured While On The Premises.

Last Stop Haunt uses various special effects such as strobe lights, fog, animatronics and things that make loud noises... you've been Warned.

Please don't use flash photography as this can impair someone elses haunt experience... not to mention blind our monsters and other haunt staff.

Video cameras will be in use throughout the haunt, be sure to smile when you scream for the camera! Touch nothing and nothing will touch you. By entering you agree to allow your images to be used for promotional purposes.

We do not allow smoking, foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc.

All ages admitted. We have no age limit see WARNING above and use at your own descretion. Remember you are Entering At Your Own Risk.

We do this for the love of Halloween and do not charge any admission so if you like what we've done, we'll happily accept any donations.



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