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Our CostumesHutton Lane in Blockhouse Creek is the perfect backdrop for mayhem on All Hallows Eve. There is a chill in the air and darkness decends. Welcome to the LAST STOP on your trick or treating tour. For adults and children alike the night becomes a playground of nightmares. The whole street is alive with celebration of Halloween. Many families on Hutton Lane participate in the festivities. Come if you dare, there is candy to spare, and we can't wait to hear you scream as your fears surround you from the shadows.

We started our home haunt in 2013, and got excited about our neighborhood and people who enjoy being out and about. Starting with just a simple cemetery in the front yard we have now expanded through the garage, back, and side yard.

Last Stop Haunt Hours

October 30th & 31st

6-10 PM

Taking non-perishable food donations for HCCM Food Pantry starting on October 24th. We look forward to seeing everyone this year!

For years Neil enjoyed taking his children trick or treating to a town where one street did things up big. There were theatrical costumes, realistic decor and talented actors. He remembers one old Victorian home were the kids would line up for blocks just to be scared by a werewolf that would rattle an old cast iron gated garage. Most kids were too afraid to get in that line until they were older. Neil remembers the fear on their faces and the smiles after trick or treating on that particular street. His kids still talk about that to this day.

Samantha performed in her first haunted house in Heidelburg, Germany where she discovered the thrill of the scare. Whether dressed as a black cat, spiderman, a snow princess or a gory zombie, on halloween you can be whatever or whomever you want to be. Growing up, like many kids, she was afraid of the dark and carried a fear of zombies way into her twenties. You can say the haunt has been a sort of exposure therapy, and now she loves everything to do with the walking dead. The magical part of Halloween for her is all about the costumes, makeup and the tranformation into a character from her imagination.


Our CostumesWith a passion for helping people, we invite everyone to bring a donation for a food drive that benefits the local community. We have a love for haunted houses, enjoy the magic of Halloween and the fun that it brings to both adults and children. The pure joy of the holiday brings smiles and scares to everyone's faces. Special thanks to everyone that helps make this haunt possible, successful and fun for everyone each year. Here are some of our crew members taking a well deserved rest break.

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